What’s the Story with Home Interior Design?


Most architecture students have been inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi and I am certainly one of them.

Maybe you’ve heard the story about how Gaudi designed his cathedral in Barcelona. I came across it at uni and it’s one of my favourites.

Gaudi knew he wouldn’t live to see his project completed. He also knew that some of the design exceeded the technology of the time.

He felt confident that architects in the future would have better technology. He also felt confident in their ability to work within his overall vision while adding their own bits to the design. He left directions and he left space for their input.

It moved me that someone with such a powerful vision could also issue an invitation to collaborate with future architects who weren’t even born at that time.

I think that story of trust and collaboration inspired me to take more gentle and inclusive approach to interiors. I love to have a vision for a resolved interior and I love to invite my clients to come on that journey with their own ideas.

I recently heard a story about a grand home that was built in an inner suburb of Perth. Apparently the client’s wife had very limited input into the home interiors. I was told that of the entire interiors she was only “allowed” to choose the childrens’ doona covers.

I really hope that isn’t a true story.

I feel I’m doing my job well when the interiors feel resolved and consistent with my clients’ personal taste. I also believe in leaving some space for personal things to be added and inspiring my clients to trust their own choices.

I love nothing more than being invited back to a client’s home and discovering the personal pieces they have added and seeing how these contribute to the personal style of that home. There is room for vision and their is room for working together and I think the result is better when they are combined.