The Best Home in Perth


If you’re a fan of Grand Designs, you’ll know the format: there’s usually a controversy about money/ design/ relationships. Reality TV feeds on conflict, so when things go smoothly it doesn’t always make great TV. Nedlands builder George Allingham, of Gransden Construction, and Subiaco architect Suzanne Hunt, were approached by Grand Designs for one of their projects. George said: “They wanted controversy. But there isn’t controversy on the jobs with Suzie. They were never going to have the the disgruntled client, the agitated architect, the frustrated builder – it just wasn’t there. So we knocked them back. It’s a shame because it would have been good to be on TV.” The pair have had the last laugh, because one of their projects has won the Perth Home of the Year in the 2014 HIA Housing awards. The Japanese-inspired home in Bedfordale has many clever design features, such as air-conditioning that comes through the floor. There is 864sq.m of living space in the rammed-earth home, which is on a 20ha site.

Seen in The Post | November, 2014

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