Our Story

At SHA we really value our clients and the people we work with.

Our Philosophy

Known for her down-to-earth approach and wide-ranging professional and life experiences, Principal Architect Suzie Hunt has a warm and engaging manner that manifests in the buildings and spaces she designs.

In 2005, as a mum of four young children I established Suzanne Hunt Architect; with fellow architect, mum and now, Associate Catherine Lee. With a couple of computers and a desk in my bedroom I had a dream of delivering beautiful architecture differently.

My 20 years’ experience working in the UK and Australia; in large, small, government and private practices on a range of projects; had highlighted the need for a more personalised, flexible, enjoyable, client-focussed, approach to the delivery of great architecture and design.

Several years have passed and I am proud to say we are still focussed on our clients enjoying their creative journey. It is a delight and privilege to walk alongside our clients providing personalised advice for the duration of their project.

Working with our in-house collaborative design team, our trusted external consultants and professional builders all of whom are selected for their expertise for each project, Catherine and I nurture our clients’ dreams to make them a reality.

Taking on a limited number of projects ensures we have the time to really listen and get to know our clients; and develop considered, holistic design solutions that are fully resolved and documented, financially viable and environmentally sustainable for the long term.

Our multi-awarded project portfolio has grown but our biggest advocates are still our clients.

From humble beginnings our office accommodation has thankfully improved but our philosophy of delivering beautifully-detailed, sustainable architecture, better, is still the ethos and driving force of Suzanne Hunt Architect. 

Professional Summary

Qualifications, Registration and Memberships

Suzie Hunt graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) in 1986. She was awarded the esteemed Cohen Medal upon graduation. Suzie is a registered architect with the Architects Board of WA, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and a Chartered Architect of the RIBA. Suzanne Hunt Architect is an AIA A+ Practice and is a registered company with the Architects Board of WA.
Suzanne Hunt | Architects Board of WA Registration, 1993
· Suzanne Hunt | Architects Board of WA Registration, 1993 ABWA No 1600
· SHA Practice Registration | Architects Board of WA, 2005
· Suzanne Hunt | Architects Registration Board of UK, 1989
· Bachelor or Architecture (Hons) Curtin, 1986
· Bachelor of Applied Science W.A.I.T. 1984
· Fellow of Australian Institute of Architects Member, 2016
· A+ Practice Membership | Member, 2014
· Chartered Architect Royal Institute of British Architects, 1989

Leadership Roles | Boards and Committees

With over 35 years professional experience Suzie is a trusted advisor, recognised professional leader and non-executive Board Director. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the business of architecture; as well as running her own practice she has worked at state and local government levels, and currently sits on several executive boards.

A strong advocate for the architectural profession and equity diversity and inclusion Suzie was the first women to be elected president of the Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter in 2017. She established #WorkWomenWisdom for women in design which continues to run events. In 2021 Suzie won the esteemed national architecture award ‘Paula Whitman Prize for Gender Equity’ for her work in grassroots advocacy for women in architecture in WA. Watch the acceptance video here.

She is an active member of the West Australian community sitting on a number of boards and committees. In her spare time Suzie is also a presenter on Channel 10’s Australia By Design TV Show, a recognised public speaker, media commentator and columnist in local newspapers. Check the Advocacy section to read more.

  • Chair of the Curtin Architecture Advisory Board 2019 –
  • Member of the Curtin School Design Built Environment Board 2019 –
  • President of the Australian Institute of Architects WA (First Women) 2017 – 2019

The President's Wall

  • Chair of Honors Committee 2019 – 2021
  • Chair of the Peter Hunt Travel Prize Committee 2014 – 2020
  • Legal Practice Complaints Committee | Deputy Community Representative (2019 – AG Appointed)
  • Rottnest Island Authority Non- Executive Board Member (2010 – 2019 Governor Appointed)

Rottnest Island Board Member

  • Chair Contract Works Advisory Committee 2012 – 2014
  • Member Finance, Risk & Audit Committee 2015 – 2019
  • City of Melville Architecture + Urban Design Advisory Panel| Member 2010 – 2016
  • Inaugural Metropolitan Heritage Officer to the City of Subiaco + Town of Cottesloe 2006 – 2011
  • Heritage Council Development Committee 2004 – 2006
  • Curtin Architectural Students Association President 1984

Professional Portfolio | Expertise

Suzanne Hunt Architect’s designs are strongly influenced by Western Australia’s stunning landscapes, resulting in beautifully detailed timeless buildings and spaces that are fit-for-purpose, financially viable and environmentally sustainable.

State and Local Government Expertise

Suzie has experience working in both local and state government in strategy, design and advisory roles particularly in the heritage sector. With this depth of experience, we can assist you with statutory government authority approval processes, feasibility studies and site selection in the areas of architecture, planning, heritage and urban renewals around Western Australia.

  • City of Subiaco | Metropolitan Heritage Advisor, 2006 – 2011
  • Town of Cottesloe | Metropolitan Heritage Adviso, 2006 – 2011
  • Heritage Matters Magazine | Contributing Writer, 2006 – 2011
  • Department of Justice (Prisons) | Architectural + Heritage Advisor, 2004 – 2006
  • Building Management + Works | Project
  • Architect Fremantle Prison, 1991 – 1996
  • Building Management + Works | Project Leader Dept of Justice, 1995 – 1996

Suzanne Hunt Architect | 2005 –


  • Tree House Margaret River 2021 – Studium Builders
  • The Pad 2021 – Valento Residences
  • Meelon Holiday House 2021  – McLeish and Mathews Builders
  • Stone House 2020 – RK Brine
  • Barnett Alterations and Additions 2019 – Mulvay Builders
  • Andrews Residence Refurbishment | 2019 – Hickey Constructions
  • LittleBIG House Swanbourne | 2018 – Jumeirah Homes
  • River View House | 2014 – Gransden Constructions
  • Bedfordale House | 2013 – Gransden Constructions
  • St Pauls Heritage House Alterations + Additions | 2013 – Minchin and Sims
  • Guildford Historic House Alterations + Additions | 2012 – Minchin and Sims
  • Toodyay 1860’s Holiday House Refurbishment | 2013 – Ray Pedri Builder
  • Toodyay 1860’s Cottage Refurbishment | 2011 – Ray Pedri Builder
  • Swanbourne Blended Family House Suzie’s House 3 | 2010 – Minchin and Sims
  • Yallingup Coastal Residence – Interior Design | 2010 – Wholagan Builders
  • Kennedy Cole Interior Refurbishment Dalkeith | 2010 – Minchin and Sims
  • Peppermint Grove House Heritage Alterations + Additions| 2009 – Peter Bacich Builder
  • Heytesbury House 1 Heritage Alterations + Additions | 2009 – Minchin and Sims
  • Furlong Refurbishment Peppermint Grove | 2008 – Minchin and Sims
  • Heytesbury House 2 Refurbishment Subiaco | 2007 – Minchin and Sims
  • Armitage Hayes House Heritage Alterations + Additions | 2007 – Minchin and Sims
  • Witchcliffe Residence | 2005 – Wholagan Builders
  • Heytesbury 3 Suzie’s Own House 2 Refurbishment | 1998 – Owner Builder
  • Lawler St Suzie’s Own House 1 Refurbishment | 1992  – Owner Builder



  • littleBIG House | Suzanne Hunt Architect | Jumeirah Homes Builder
    2019 WA Architecture Awards: Commendation Award for Interiors
    2019 HIA Finalist Best Homes Award Category $1.8m to $3m
  • River View House Dalkeith | Suzanne Hunt Architect | Gransden Constructions
    2017 WA Architecture Awards: Commendation Award for Residential Architecture
  • Bedfordale House | Suzanne Hunt Architect | Gransden Constructions
    2015 Timber Design Award Interior Fitout Winner – Residential Category
    2015 HIA CSR Australian Home of the Year
    2015 HIA Best Australian Custom Build Home of the Year
    2015 HIA National Peoples’ Choice Award
    2015 HIA Perth and WA Home of the Year Award
    2014 WA Architecture Awards: Architecture Award for Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
    2014 WA Architecture Awards: Architecture Award for Interior Architecture
    2014 MBA Most Liveable Home Award
  • Yallingup Coastal House | Wholagan Builders Theo Mathews Architect + SHA Interior Design
    2010 MBA SW Home of the Year
  • Witchcliffe House Suzanne Hunt Architect | Wholagan Builders
    2008 MBA Country Home of the Year WA
    2007 Witchcliffe House MBA SW Home of the Year


SHA HOSPITALITY, PUBLIC, COMMERCIAL PROJECTS | Architecture, Heritage, Interiors, Strategic Advice

  • State Timber Museum Refurbishment and Exhibition | 2019 – CLPM Pty Ltd
  • Cue Community + Visitor Centre Heritage Refurbishment | 2018 – CLPM Pty Ltd
  • Leeuwin Estate Winery 2 Refurbishment | 2018 – Perkins Builders
  • The Architects Studio Refurbishment | 2016 – Hickey Constructions
  • BMW Mindarie Senior School Home Ec Refurbishment |2013 – BMW
  • BMW 140 William St Strategic Acoustic Advice | 2013 – BMW
  • Heritage Gates Restoration & Adaptive Reuse Subiaco | 2012 – Strategic Advice
  • CBD Design Guideline Review – City of Subiaco | 2011 – Strategic Advice
  • Leeuwin Estate Restaurant Maintenance Works | 2011 – Wholagan Builders
  • Coolbellup Childcare Centre (DA) | 2006 – SHA
  • Heritage Advice – St Joseph’s Church Subiaco | 2007 – 2013 – SHA
  • Home Provedore Fit Out Claremont Heritage Precinct | 2006 – Total Project Solutions
  • AMHR Office Fit Out | 2005 – Total Project Solutions
  • Capitalis Office Fit Out Perth CBD | 2005 – Total Project Solutions


  • State Timber Museum Manjimup Refurbish + Exhibition | SHA with Creative Spaces + Shire of Manjimup
    2019 Museum + Galleries National Award for Permanent Exhibition and Gallery Fitout under $500,000
    2019 Australian Timber Design Awards Finalist Small Budget Category
  • Cue Community + Visitor Centre Refurb | Suzanne Hunt Architect with Stephen Carrick Architects | CLPM
    2018 Gerry Gauntlett Award for Outstanding Conservation or Adaptive Reuse: WA Heritage Awards
    2018 Conservation or Adaptive Reuse Award: Western Australian Heritage Awards
    2018 WA Architecture Awards: Commendation Award for Heritage Architecture
  • Leeuwin Estate Winery Refurbishment | Suzanne Hunt Architect | Perkins Builders
    2017 MBA Best Commercial Alts and Adds


Wilson Hunt Design Consultants – Partner 1997-2004


  • Western Power Executive Offices and Conference Facilities
    2002     WA Architecture Awards: Architecture Award for Interior Architecture
  • The Carine Tavern Refurbishment
    2003 Design Institute of Australian Interiors – Hospitality Award
    2003 Australian Hotels Association WA Pub of the Year Award
    2003 Australian Hotels Association Best Redeveloped Pub

Building Management Authority – Project Design Architect 1991 – 1996


  • Fremantle Prison Conservation & Future Use Project | 1991 – 1996 Adaptive Reuse Project
  • Co-located Supreme & District Court Project Feasibility Studies, Perth | 1994 – 1995
  • Parliament House Condition and Strategic Report 1993
  • Swan Barracks Feasibility Design, Perth | 1993


Fremantle Prison Conservation and Future Use Project

  • 1996 National Trust Award
  • 1994 Heritage Conservation and Property Value Award Merit Certificate
  • 1994 Dulux Colour Awards (Fremantle Prison Western Workshops Redevelopment)
  • 1994 City of Fremantle Certificates of Commendation for Conservation (Fremantle Prison – 2, 4, 6, 10 & 12 The Terrace; The Former Hospital and West Workshops)
  • 1994 Master Builders Association of WA Certificate of Merit for Restoration/Renovation of an Historic Building up to $500,000 (Fremantle Prison – Houses 2, 4 & 6 and The Terrace)

Scott Brownrigg + Turner Architects London – Design Architect 1988 – 1991


  • Twyford Abbey Hotel Development, London (Feasibility Design)
  • Manor Farm, Surrey Mixed Use Feasibility, Surrey (Feasibility Design)
  • Ross on Wye, Mixed Use Feasibility Gloucestershire (Feasibility Design)
  • Exchange Court, Mixed Use Feasibility London (Detailed Design)
  • South Kensington Station Residential Redevelopment (Detailed Design)
  • Rajasthan Conference Centre Feasibility, India (Feasibility Design)
  • Bollo Lane Office Development, Chiswick (Detailed Design)
  • Felixstowe Mixed Use/Tourist Facility, Felixstowe (Feasibility Design)
  • Pavord Drummond Cottage Refurbishment, Wales (Design, Documentation, Contract Administration)

Goddard Manton Architects London – Graduate Architect 1987 – 1988


  • The Weirmill Mixed Use Development, Kent (Adaptive Reuse – Documentation, Contract Administration
  • Limehouse Cut Mixed Use Development, London (Adaptive Reuse- Documentation, Contract Admin)

Our Team

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Suzie Hunt

Principal (Registered) Architect FRAIA RIBA
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Catherine Lee
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Catherine Lee

Associate Architect DLPG (Paris)

Derek Swift
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Derek Swift

BA Dip. Arch (London)

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M.Arch (UWA) Graduate Architect 

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M.Arch Graduate Architect (Brazil)

Our Clients

Tena and Terry Wheeler

Bedfordale House

Denis and Trish Horgan

Witchcliffe Residence

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Chimene Cocking

Reflections | Guildford House

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Gabi and John Holt

Lantern House

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John Wholagan

Wholagan Building Inspiration, Builder

Justin Hatch
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Justin Hatch

Valento Residences, Builder

George Allingham

Gransden, Builder

Toby Bird
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Toby Bird

Minchin and Sims, Builder

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Heath Davies

Jumeirah Homes, Builder