Sometimes You Just Need A Set of Fresh Eyes


We’ve just had a House & Garden team come to visit our place for a photo shoot. They bought in a professional photographer and a stylist and it was really fun.

Our brief was to have the house and windows cleaned and we did that.  All we had to do then was sit back and watch the magic happen.

The team came in with these amazing pieces and calmly set to work to style our house.

They placed different pieces in interesting locations like setting pots with plants on bookshelves. They did flower arrangements. They added a fantastic wooden bowl with fruit.

These small changes had such an impact. The rooms just came to life.

The team then moved some of our furniture around. A couple rooms ended up quite differently to how we’d always had them.

The stylist went about gently suggesting, “Let’s try this here or let’s try that there.”

They arranged some fabulous new cushions that set off the colours in the sofa. We just loved them.

Interestingly enough it’s a week later and our house still has all those pieces because we just said, “Can we just buy them?” We’ve left our furniture in the same arrangements too.

We’ve actually changed the way we use our living room based on this shoot. The set up has introduced new energy into the room.

I was amazed by how much more can be achieved with a fresh set of eyes.

My partner and I are both architects. The visual thing is our strength and people respond well to this house. I was surprised and delighted to see our interiors made even better.

I think that while I might do this for other people, I tend not to do it for myself. It was such a pleasure. It was fantastic fun. We ended up drinking Ros√© all afternoon.

Sometimes I feel we can all get a bit tired and disillusioned with what we’ve got.

A new person can come in and look at it differently and tweak it. This fresh perspective makes you realise that actually it’s okay and it can be adapted.

We’ve fallen in love with our house all over again. It feels fresh and exciting. By changing just a couple of things this place has come to life.

This is exactly the feeling I want my clients to have about their renovations. I want them to be thrilled when their spaces become even more than they’d imagined. I want people to fall in love with their own place all over again.

So next time you’re feeling a little down about your place consider that it might just need some fresh eyes to see the potential and help you create a great place to live in.