Dalkeith Heritage House Alterations + Additions

Consultant Team

Architect and Interior Design | Suzanne Hunt Architect

Statutory Planner | Allerding and Associates

Land Surveyor (Pre-design) | Vision Surveys

Quantity Surveyor I HW & Associates

Landscape Architect | Realm

Structural Engineer | Cenit

Mechanical Engineer I SG & K

Electrical Engineer I E Consulting Engineers

Hydraulic Engineer I CHD

Building Certifier I MSA

Energy Efficiency Consultant I Doak – Smith Architecture

Builder & Main Suppliers

Builder | Minchin and Sons

Aluminium Doors and Windows I Westec

Lighting Supplier I Sii Light

Cabinet Maker I Benchmark Cabinets

Landscaper I Almond Gardens

Timber I Austim

Photography & Styling

Dion Robeson | Photographer

Anna Flanders | Stylist