In a Class of its Own


The biggest challenge John Wholagan faced when building this award-winning home was to finish it in under 12 months.

Nestled in Margaret River’s karri bushland, this home was built to function as both a luxurious retirement retreat and an entertaining hub for up to 50 guests. Since its recent completion, the South-West residence has received a number of high-profile awards and, in the process, been hailed as one of a kind. Its cleverly conceived design is spread over three wings – one for guests, one for the owners living areas and a secluded master suite and private bathroom. A curved limestone wall runs through the middle of the home giving the project a distinct architectural appeal.


Builder John Wholagan, who specialises in Margaret River’s exclusive home market, describes the home as “something else”.

“It was one of the biggest challenges of my career,” he says, “We were all very proud of it, and still are.”

One of the biggest building challenges was the fact that the owners wanted their home completed within 12 months.

“It was built in incredible time considering the busy building industry,” John says, “It was quite an achievement by my team.” John is quick to praise the good planning of architect Suzanne Hunt who designed the abode and says her ideas were executed exceptionally well. The natural, somewhat textural materials that feature throughout the interior are reminiscent of a five-star resort. The home boasts two stunning outdoor entertaining zones – an alfresco area and a smaller, more intimate, enclosed courtyard. A built-in outdoor kitchen and commercial-style scullery are some of the outstanding design elements that make this place perfect for summertime dining. All of the main bedrooms open to shady verandas that provide cosy sanctuaries when solitude is desired.

The judges of the Master Builders BankWest Housing Excellence Awards 2007 were certainly impressed with this breathtaking property, crowning it Best South-West Home of the Year.


John is a two-time winner of the Best South-West Home of the Year Award and is hoping to take out the title of Country Home of the Year at the Master Builders BankWest Housing Excellence Awards 2008.

“As far as I’m aware it hasn’t been won in the South-West for a while, so it would be great,” John says. John’s company has also won the Building Registration Board Awards for Excellence in Building Practice.

“We’ve won that awkward twice now and it shows we’re very good at what we do,” he says. The fact that most of the people John has worked for over the years have become his friends stands testimony to his skill and professionalism. “I love going back and looking at the homes and seeing that our customers are pleased,” John says

Seen in At Home | Article by Hayley Bolton

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