If I were Building my Place Again


We wanted our place to be just like a beach house because we’re not that far from the sea.

It was designed for six children and it’s always got their stuff everywhere. I wanted people to come in here and think, “You know what, this is relaxing. I feel relaxed here. I feel calm.”

Looking back I think that was what I was really hoping for myself.

The interiors of our place are a collective mix of furniture, things that we buy new and vintage stuff we’ve found along the way. We’ve really enjoyed gathering things together over time.

We put in a studio at the front of the house so we could work from home if one of the kids was sick. I don’t use it that much. I prefer going to the office so I can leave work behind and come home and relax.

Mostly our home work space has been taken over by the kids projects and my daughters oil painting.

I was thinking the other day about what I would do differently if I was doing this house again. The one thing that stands out for me is the beeping washing machine. It drives me crazy.

What on earth is so urgent about a load of washing that it needs it’s own alarm system? Honestly. These days washing machines, irons, microwaves, fridges and even cars all beep at you. What are those engineers thinking?

So watch out for that one people. It might be a top German brand but I reckon quality is not worth it if it’s going to drive you wild.

Other than that, we did get our family beach house, and we all do fit in here, and you know what? Some days it really is relaxing.