Best Of Houzz 2016 Design Award


I’m stunned by how quickly social media is changing the way people find me. Platforms like Houzz and Pinterest mean that often a single image will generate interest and start a conversation.

Houzz in particular has been amazing. Last year Joanna Tovia in-house editor for Houzz, contacted SHA about writing an article on our project Bedfordale House. Joanna initially posted the article on Houzz Australia and then followed up with Houzz USA and Houzz Europe.

At the time we had only just heard of Houzz and was unaware of the its profile overseas. I asked our web consultant Glenn Nicholas at OM4 for his thoughts. After some investigation he advised he was convinced that it had the potential to be a game changer and he was right.

People from all over Australia and overseas are getting in touch and asking questions. It’s a lot of work to respond to every contact but it’s certainly worth it. We’ve had some very exciting projects come through this new channel.

Houzz facilitates a direct conversation between the architect and the reader. It’s based on the principle of information sharing. People will contact me and ask me what products I used to create a certain effect. We also now set up our new clients with a Houzz Ideabook so we can share images to suit their projects. I’m enjoying this contact and the vibrant community that Houzz has created.

I can see this influencing my own profession. Architects traditionally haven’t been very generous with sharing their information. It’s good to see that slowly changing.

Houzz is also a platform that generates broader media interest in our work. We’ve had several journalists contact us because of images they’re found on Houzz. This gives us a great opportunity to meet new writers and reach an even broader audience through their publications.

This year we’ve won a Best Of Houzz 2016 Design Award based on the level of interest in our work. We’re thrilled and grateful for the feedback.

Houzz opens you up to a different world. It introduces you to people who may have felt uncomfortable making an approach. They may not have even thought about using an architect. Now they’re meeting me from the comfort of their own living rooms as they search online. An image sparks interest, they visit my website and look at our work and make a decision.

I recommend you visit Houzz, have a look at our page there and join in the conversation. We’re looking forward to talking with you.