Australian House & Garden Photo Shoots – Guildford House & Bedfordale House


“Photography helps people to see.”

This is a quote from American photographer Berenice Abbott who specialised in black and white images of New York.

I agree with her that good photography is so much more than a record of a place. It can help you to see something with fresh eyes.

I find this is even true of a room or a house I’ve designed. It is quite an experience to see how different photographers view these places. Sometimes it is like I’m actually seeing them for the very first time.

There’s been great excitement in the studio this week when a batch of House and Garden images came in. We fall in love with these projects all over again.

I’m grateful to our clients for generously welcoming the House and Garden team into their homes. I am also grateful to photographer Angelita Bonnetti for her stunning shots and Anna Flanders for her styling talent.

These photos have been an early Christmas for me. They remind me of the fabulous people I’ve met and the places I’ve created for them. What a lovely way to end the year.

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