Where do you find your inspiration?


Inspiration for design surrounds us – in the bush, at the beach or even walking around your neighbourhood. I am continually inspired by the architect and clients I interview for Channel 10’s Australia By Design. While each architect, client and project is very different, all the architects find creative drivers in their client’s dreams.

But like everyone, architects need to stay inspired to be creative. The options are vast, from travelling overseas to view the great masters’ works or reading beautiful Architectural Times to flicking through magazines and websites offering limitless exploration opportunities.

Pinterest and HOUZZ are popular because they offer a searchable database of images of every conceivable room, feature, design element and building type. Add Instagram with endless designs for every budget, online blogs and website such as The Design Files, the Interiors Addict, Yellow Trace, Undercover Architect, Arch Daily, Architecture and Design, and you have the perfect storm of overwhelming and paralysing choice.

But remember, like airbrushed fashion shoots, architectural and interior design photo shoots have often been styled and crafted, sometimes with a full suite of hired furniture and artwork, so they are not always good representations of real life. Beware of the architectural “hero” shot it may be the only one worth viewing and the stated budget that is normally fudged.

I’ve learned from my travels with Australia By Design that we enjoy world-class architecture here in Perth. You don’t need to look far to find incredibly talented and skilled professionals in your neighbourhood.

First published in The Subiaco Post Sep 2019 | Architects Brief with Suzie Hunt