Expert Teams Create Great Projects


I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression: “It takes a village..”. The same adage applies to designing your new home or renovation. 

Architects don’t design in a vacuum – in fact they work with, and manage, a team of expert consultants on your behalf.  Architects and builders tend to hog the limelight when it comes to projects, but it’s our consultant teams that are the unsung heroes.

While the type and number will depend on the complexity of your project, your consultant team, including the architects, have a duty to provide honest, professional advice that is in your best interests.

Where do I find these experts? Below is a go-to list, and some tips, for your next project. Cut it out and start planning now!

Land Surveyors ( – A full contour and features survey of your property is mandatory for planning approval. I recommend including significant landscaping and the height and setback along your boundary of neighbouring houses.

Urban and Regional Planner ( – A planner helps navigate the complex planning regulations and local government policies especially if your design pushes the boundaries.

Heritage Consultant ( – If your property has heritage significance I recommend working with a heritage architect or expert. 

Quantity Surveyor (QS) ( – A QS provides independent cost advice and estimations to you during the design and/or construction phases giving you piece of mind that your design is within budget. 

Engineers ( | ( Engineers are pivotal members of the design team.  Structural engineering drawings and certification is required on all projects for Building Licence approval.  On complex projects mechanical, electrical, civil and/or hydraulic engineers may also be consulted.

Interior Designers ( – The interior design of your home needs to reflect your personality.  Most residential architects love designing the architecture and interiors in parallel. Ask if your architect’s fees include interior-design or if they sub-contract out this service.  If so, start talking to the interior designer sooner rather than later. 

Landscape Architects ( or Landscape Designers ( Our beautiful climate means we spend a lot of time in our gardens.   Landscape Architects ensure the design of the gardens, pool, decks and paving sits comfortably within the architecture and, most importantly, suits your family – green thumb or not!

Building Surveyor ( To achieve a design that complies with the Building Code of Australia regulations, energy efficiency requirements and the National Construction Code for Building Licence Approval I recommend engaging a private Building Surveyor to certify your design. 

First published in The Subiaco Post 080619 | Architects Brief with Suzie Hunt