2021 recipient of the Paula Whitman Leadership in Equity Prize

Congratulations Suzie,

I was delighted to just read the good news below that you are now
officially the 2021 recipient of the Paula Whitman Leadership in Equity

I cannot think of a more deserving candidate or eloquent advocate on behalf
of female members of the architectural profession. From my viewpoint, you
are the only person I know who has advanced the cause of gender equity in
architecture through education, research, advocacy, policy development,
community engagement and leadership in such a comprehensive manner.

As you are aware, I am able to assess your contribution to advancing the
cause of gender equity from the unique perspective of having had the honour
to know and work with Paula Whitman during my time on the National Council
and then National Executive of the Institute of Architects followed by my
three year term as National President-Elect, National President and then
Immediate Past President.

During this period, I worked closely with Paula on her ground-breaking
survey and assisted both in the dissemination of the results and in the
implementation of the recommendations arising from National Council’s
consideration of the issues her research raised.

Through the understanding I gained of equity issues in working with Paula
Whitman. I can think of no better or more worthy recipient of the 2021
Paula Whitman Leadership in Equity Prize than you.

Let the celebrations begin! ;)

With best wishes,


Warren Kerr
Adjunct Professor University of Western Australia