Past downturns, observations and advice for Parlour

Suzanne Hunt offers her observations and advice for graduates and students facing unsettling times.

Who would have thought 12 months ago that Australia would be devastated by bushfires, floods, droughts, a climate crisis and then a global pandemic killing hundreds of thousands around the world, while devastating our economy? The new normal doesn’t feel very normal to me. It’s shocking and terrifying in equal measure.

As a graduate or student of architecture I feel your anxiety and concern about the future and as an experienced (read ‘older’) architect, my heart sincerely goes out to you all.

None of us practising today have experienced such unsettled times, combined with the inability to go to where the work is, or even go to work! But as I reflect on my career over the past 33 years, I realise that my career has been affected by various economic downturns, both global and personal since my graduation.

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