Contemporary Wine In Design Comes To Perth

I’m looking forward to being an Ambassador for the Contemporary Wine In Design event coming up in just over a week.

This is a lively gathering of architects and designers who come together to discuss the hot issues for our industry.I am particularly looking forward to hearing guest speaker Patrizia Moroso of Moroso.

There will be some really interesting panel discussions. I am looking forward to participating in West-Side Stor(e)y, the panel looking at creating and maintaining the architectural identity of Perth.

Discussions like these help all of us step back and look at the big picture a little more clearly. They challenge and inspire us.

If you’re an industry professional or just passionate about architecture and design I think you’ll enjoy these debates.

As you’ll see there are some fascinating people coming to along to speak. I am really looking forward to it.

Here is some information about the panel topics. You’ll also find links to register for the event and book your place for the individual sessions.

The Panel Discussions

East v West

What does the West do differently? What is the distinction between the two orientations toward design? What can we learn?

Richard Misso (The Stylesmiths), David Weir (David Weir Architects), Steve Cordony (Arthur G) and David Congram (Contemporary Editor)

Book: East v West

Design Democracy: ! or ?

What does designing for the public sphere actually mean? Is this the only public? In Europe, there is heated debate on the designer-side too. With landmark legislation that attempts to finally do away with ‚Äòthe replica’, democracy in design has come full circle to include the producer-side as well. When we talk about democracy in design, just how far-reaching are the ramifications?

Alec Coles OBE (Western Australia Museum, New Museum), Peter Lee (Hassell), David Caon (Caon Studio), Sandy Anghie (Sandy Anghie Home Design), Andrew Thornton Hick (Ultimo)

Book: Design Democracy

West-Side Stor(e)y

How important is creating or maintaining an architectural identity? How much of a role should architects and designers have in the story of Perth’s identity?

Speakers: Suzanne Hunt (Suzanne Hunt Architects), Clinton Matthews (Lantern Creative), Jemma Green (Curtin University), Ben Braham (Ben Braham Architects), (Ben Braham Architects)

Book: West-Side Story

Go West!

What did architects and designers do that has helped make Perth an international destination? How have they done this? Why?

Michael Woodhams and Phillip Griffiths (AIA WA Chapter), Neil Cownie (Neil Cownie Architect), Jack Flanagan (Jack Flanagan)

Book: Go West!

Register Your Attendance.

To find out more you can visit the website at, Contemporary Wine In Design.