Channel 10 Australia by Design Architecture Season 1 Western Australia

Western Australia has some extraordinary architecture, and I’ve just taken a closer look at it.

I’m excited to be hosting the WA instalment of a new national TV show called AUSTRALIA By DESIGN with Government Architect, Geoff Warn and NSW Board Registrar and Architect Tim Horton. We talk to local architects about their latest inspirational projects.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with AUSTRALIA By DESIGN, let me tell you a little more. It is a series of nine half hour presentations featuring some of the most impressive architectural projects for the year from each State and Territory.

Channel 10 Australia by Design Architecture Season 1 Western Australia

As hosts, we tagged along behind a professional camera crew to visit each project to have a personalised tour of the buildings with the architects and some daring owners. To arrive at a Top 10, industry leaders discuss each of the projects from their professional perspective. You’ll enjoy hearing stories from these innovative and creative Western Australians. I came away feeling so proud.

Seeing all these award-winning ideas, achievements and projects will leave you in no doubt about the state of architecture here.

Although the show commenced a few weeks ago, the WA installment will be aired on Channel Ten on Saturday 2nd Sept at 3 pm. You can see an extended version of the shows on for each State after it airs on Channel Ten.

You can also follow the show on Instagram @australiabydesign. I was interviewed for Bedfordale Project so if you’d see this award winning project tune in!

This was an amazing experience for me personally and much harder than I ever imagined. I have a new-found respect for journalists talking to the camera. What I loved about the show was that I felt it makes architects and architecture much more accessible, hopefully toppling a few myths of our profession.

I walked away from the filming more convinced than ever that Western Australian architecture is world-class and our architects are considered professionals who really care about their clients and their work.

Watch Episode 8 in full.