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I’ve been a social media novice. A virgin. I don’t have Facebook. My kids are all on it but I’ve resisted. I didn’t want to go home and spend more time on computers. So I’ve kept away from the whole social media thing until very recently. The Web & Houzz This website was launched last […]

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A New Home For SHA at The Architects Studio

Back in 2004 I wasn’t planning to start up another architectural practice. I certainly wasn’t planning to have my office in a petitioned off corner of my bedroom either. Life can be unpredictable and both things came to pass. Since then I’ve run the practice out of a transformed children’s play room and most recently […]

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House & Garden Christmas 2014

House & Garden At The Guildford House

I’ve just had an early Christmas present. The feature of this months House & Garden magazine showcases a project very close to my heart – the Cocking family’s  Guildford House. I’m so grateful for the generosity of Chimene and Barry and all my clients who cheerfully welcome these magazine writers into their homes. I’m thrilled […]

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Toodyay House, Architect: Suzanne Hunt

How To Age Comfortably In Your Own Home

Most of us love to be at home. Your things are there, it’s familiar and relaxing. This is especially true as we age or face a health challenge. For this reason I’ve always loved the idea of a home design that supports our ageing journey.  This is a home that can adapt to your changing needs. […]

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GuildfordResidence, Architect: Suzanne Hunt

Why I Love Courtyards

I’ve been thinking a lot about courtyards this week. I’m working on a home that was designed in the 1930’s by Australian architect Marshall Clifton. Clifton spent a lot of time in Europe in the 1930’s and his designs are based on Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. His approach was quite unusual for the period.  He felt that […]

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