Toodyay House, Architect: Suzanne Hunt

How To Age Comfortably In Your Own Home

Most of us love to be at home. Your things are there, it’s familiar and relaxing. This is especially true as we age or face a health challenge. For this reason I’ve always loved the idea of a home design that supports our ageing journey.  This is a home that can adapt to your changing needs. […]

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GuildfordResidence, Architect: Suzanne Hunt

Why I Love Courtyards

I’ve been thinking a lot about courtyards this week. I’m working on a home that was designed in the 1930’s by Australian architect Marshall Clifton. Clifton spent a lot of time in Europe in the 1930’s and his designs are based on Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. His approach was quite unusual for the period.  He felt that […]

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Suzie Hunt 2014 WA Architecture Awards

A Win at the WA Architecture Awards 2014

We had a great time last night at the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) WA Architecture Awards at the Grand Ballroom at Crown. I am so thrilled that Suzanne Hunt Architect won: the Architecture Award for Residential Architecture – Houses (New); and the Architecture Award for Interior Architecture. It was lovely to be there with the […]

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Guildford Residence, Architect: Suzanne Hunt

What’s The Story With Home Interior Design?

Most architecture students have been inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi and I am certainly one of them. Maybe you’ve heard the story about how Gaudi designed his cathedral in Barcelona. I came across it at uni and it’s one of my favourites. Gaudi knew he wouldn’t live to see his project completed. He […]

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Old Fashioned Alarm System

If I Were Building My Place Again

We wanted our place to be just like a beach house because we’re not that far from the sea. It was designed for six children and it’s always got their stuff everywhere. I wanted people to come in here and think, “You know what, this is relaxing. I feel relaxed here. I feel calm.” Looking […]

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